Daniel Intro: An Introduction to the Book of Daniel

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by Frank Carmical

General Information:
I preached this sermon on Sunday morning, 4-10-11 at Lafayette Bible Chapel in Lafayette, Louisiana  USA.

Sermon Title: An Introduction to the Book of Daniel

Sermon Passage: Selected passages from Daniel

Sermon Purpose:
-Give an overview of the Book of Dan to start this sermon series
-Introduce Daniel the man and the prophet to new Christians or unbelievers who don’t know him or who have never read the Book of Dan
-Whet the appetite of the congregation to anticipate the series on the Book of Dan—like a movie preview or previews of “coming attractions”

Overall Evaluation:
I accomplished the above purposes I set out to do

1. Focus on the man Daniel and his marvelous character
2. My love for this great book came thru in the sermon

1. A terrible title—if someone saw this title in the church bulletin, it’s enough to make them leave church before the sermon starts! Frown
2. Too long!
3. Too much material for one sermon—like intellectual/spiritual indigestion! Undecided
4. This was an overgrown Sunday School lesson, not a sermon!
5. Not enough application!

If I ever preached this again, I’d edit out some things like the comparison of Daniel and Dr. Luke.

The grades I give myself on this sermon:
Number grade:
[on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high)]: 5
Letter grade:
[A (high) and F (low)]: D

*A lesson you can learn from this sermon:
Preach, don’t teach in the pulpit!

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